Covid-19 and Digital World

Until the end of 2021, Covid-19 is still troubling people in various parts of the world. Although now the public's fear of Covid-19 is clearly less than the other month in this year, there are still many limitations to people's movement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But a pandemic is still a pandemic. There are still many various community activities that are carried out online, ranging from school, college, work, to various elements of small activities such as shopping for daily needs. Doing activities online has no doubt formed people's mindsets to rely on the digital world in their daily activities.

Various e-commerce customers flooded. Teachers who previously did not know what Zoom, Google Meet, and similar applications were, now inevitably have to learn to use these applications in order to be able to do online learning or working. Even activities such as reunions, family gatherings, social gatherings, and other similar activities are currently being carried out online.

We cannot deny that living online has now become our lifestyle, because the basic things in life today depend on the digital world. Although of course, there are still many elements of society such as students and teachers who do not have internet access so they cannot participate in or organize adequate learning activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed various parties to be more creative in order to help the community to carry out their daily activities well. In addition, after almost two years of doing various types of activities online, of course, many of these online habits make people between two choices: whether doing activities online can be an option for them in the future, or online activities would be forgotten when the Covid-19 pandemic is over?

Work from Home

Recharge plan for work from home in India

The work from home phenomenon that has become known since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This method is one of the efforts of various companies and agencies around the world to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The concept of working without having to go to the office, or working from home has actually been carried out by several professions even before the onset of Covid-19. Because in truth, there are certain professions where the physical presence of workers is not needed directly in the field. Currently there are many emerging technologies that help in carrying out the concept of working from home. However, this work concept certainly has positive and negative impacts on society.

Some of the positive impacts of working from home include:

It is more productive, because if you work from home, the time spent getting ready in the morning, traveling to the office, and talking to coworkers is reduced, and this will result in more time for workers to complete their tasks. .

In addition, it is undeniable that working from home allows workers to save on their expenses, because they do not have to spend money for transportation costs, or even for lunch at the office. For workers who live outside the area, they don't have to spend money to pay for boarding fees or monthly house rent. Because no matter how far away they live from the office, they can still get their job done well.

Working from home is also very comfortable and flexible, because there is no specific uniform that must be used, only if there is an online meeting and there is an obligation to turn on the web camera and the dress code is determined. But the rest, the workers even in their pajamas can still get the job done. Working from home can be done anywhere as desired, it can be in the bedroom, living room, family room, in the garden of the house, or in any place according to their individual convenience. Also, working from home means that workers will spend more time with their family. This is of course something that is very valuable, because under normal circumstances usually workers can only spend the weekend with their families.

However, of course, apart from having positive impacts, there are also negative impacts. Some of the negative impacts are as follows:

Workers become more easily distracted because there are various kinds of entertainment at home. Not only entertainment, but other household chores are also a distraction. Worker focus becomes torn between completing office work and homework.

 In addition, although the time that workers have is more flexible, there are also many workers who complain about things such as, their working time is no longer 8 hours a day, but can be dozens of hours per day, because working from home can be tricky if we cannot focus and stick to our schedule. 

In addition, for workers who prefer to interact with other people, working from home can of course trigger stress. Because sitting in front of a laptop or computer for hours will certainly be boring. Some online meetings do not count, because interacting online is of course different from interacting directly. Working from home for the type of worker who likes to hang out can cause a sense of loneliness. Because of that, the psychological impact of working from home also needs to be considered.

By working from home, workers' access to various types of snacks becomes easier. So that a lot happens where during the pandemic people gain weight and it can lead to obesity, which is certainly not good for health.

However, regardless of the various negative impacts that exist, it is undeniable that work from home can be one of the concepts of future work, because workers can work anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, today's technology is believed to be able to help workers to do their jobs well.


Online Schools and Colleges

Recharge plan for zoom and google meet (education)

Just like working from home, school and online lectures are one of several activities that have become known since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Just like working from home, learning from home also has positive and negative impacts.

Some of the positive impacts are that children become more technologically aware because they must be able to access various online learning portals in order to be able to participate in learning well.

In addition, the learning methods used by teachers have become more varied. Instead of just listening to the teacher explaination during class, at home children can explore the materials they get more broadly.

In addition, studying at home is also calmer because it is close to the family and there are no disturbing factors such as bullying, and other unpleasant things.

But of course, back to other factors that support this online learning activity well. For example, a harmonious family, good internet connection, family conditions that allow children to have their own smartphones and laptops to support their learning activities.

In addition, the psychological factors of children must also be considered because many children feel bored and bored with this learning system, and it often has a significant impact on their learning outcomes, such as the values ​​obtained and also their focus in understanding the material. Not a few children are distracted by technology on their devices, so instead of studying, children choose to play games or watch their favorite movies.

For a developing country like India, where there are still many people who are still financially and locally difficult to get internet access, online schooling is not a good choice. There are also many cases where children drop out of school, because there is no longer an obligation to come to school every day so many of them choose to help their parents with work.

Fair internet access for all regions of India is highly expected so that the learning process of all students and students in India can run well during this pandemic. 


Online Shopping

Recharge plan for online shopping (market place)

One of the new lifestyles that is becoming widely applied by the community, both in big and small cities, is shopping online, whether it's shopping for basic needs or tertiary needs. Various e-commerce companies are competing to pamper their customers with various lucrative discounts and promos.

This online shopping phenomenon actually happened long before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, this phenomenon occurred on a large scale. 

In order to minimize traveling out of the house in order to shop to meet their daily needs, people prefer to shop online. All you have to do is to select the desired item via your phone screen, make a payment, and the item will arrive at your doorstep without having to go to the store to shop. In addition, by shopping on e-commerce, the choices also become more numerous and varied.

This online shopping phenomenon will not go away even if the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Because many parties are helped by this phenomenon. Buyers can buy goods anywhere, not limited by distance, and can choose a wide selection of products and various price ranges. In addition, with the help of e-commerce, sellers can promote their goods more broadly.

Digital phenomena that emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic have helped the community in carrying out various activities without being limited by distance and time, although there are some negative impacts, the digital world is still the biggest helper for the community during this pandemic.


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