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At all employees work from home. Therefore, this article is based on direct comments from our employees. is the company that runs a site, which gives information about various types of providers in your location and it has employees from various countries. Our employees come from snowy countries with minus 25 degrees in every winter like Russia, and also from warm countries like India or Indonesia. Different locations or time zones are not an obstacle for us to achieve the goals that our company wants to achieve.

Remote work or the more familiar term "Work from Home" is the best choice for various companies so that they are still able to run their companies but at the same time try not to increase the number of Covid-19 spreads.

So, is working from home really that fun? Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages below.


Disadvantages of Remote Working

  • Often feel lonely

By working from home, of course you have to be prepared to feel lonely all day long, because all you do is sit in front of your laptop or computer. Indeed, sometimes there will be meetings or online meetings via Zoom, Skype, and others. You do have the option of getting ready to head out in the morning, going to a coworking space or cafe and sitting there all day, but would you do that every day? 98% no. Apart from going to such places every day would be a waste of time, such places might also only be available in big cities.

  • Decrease in social activities

Most of your coworkers you never meet in the real world. Of course, Zoom, Skype, and various other video conferencing applications will help. But still, there will be no hang out together after work, meals together, and birthday surprises.

This remote work must be very difficult to do for people who are actively socializing. In the first week, maybe everything still looks normal, but people who are actively social will start to miss the work atmosphere with lots of people around them. The second week, the person will choose to take a walk outside the house, maybe to the store or just walking around, just to treat his longing to be in a crowd. The third week, the person will feel like working from home is like in prison, or at worst, he will start to feel depressed.

Because there is no longer any place to go to just put on a new blouse, shirt, bag or shoes. No dress code, pajamas all day long. Women workers who used to be slim are suddenly gaining weight, because working from home all day means access to various kinds of snacks is getting closer. Not to mention the household chores that suddenly become your responsibility just because you were at home all day.

But, of course not everyone feels that way. There are people who actually feel very happy and helped by working from home. In fact, many can turn these shortcomings into advantages because there are no co-workers who suddenly ask for this or that help so that it can interfere with your work focus.

  • Not sure that your family will understand what you are doing at home is work

Apart from being a worker, you are certainly a mother, father, or child. You certainly have your own obligations at home. Families at home do not necessarily understand that by sitting all day in front of the laptop, it does not mean you are doing nothing. There are lots of little things that can distract you from work, such as a child who keeps crying, a mother asking to go to the market, a wife asking for help to replace a light bulb that suddenly goes out. Be ready to put time limits on when you work and when you can help with homework. Of course, after some time, the family members would understand. But at first it will not be easy.

  • Additional expenses for your work

By working from home, you are free to choose where you want to work. On the sofa, at the table, even on the bed, nothing will stop you. But of course, you have to spend more for a laptop or computer with adequate specifications, printers, various office supplies that are now 'moving' into your home, or just buying a new, softer work chair for your work desk.

Apart from that, the most important thing is to pay the monthly bill for your internet provider at home. Spending on the internet can be quite large because of course to cover all these needs you need internet with good speed.

But, of course, some devices like printers may become unnecessary if you have accounts on various online storages, such as Google Drive. There are also many online agenda services available today, such as Notion, Google Calendar, etc.

  • Dependence on internet and electricity providers in your city

You must have experienced rotating power outages or internet network maintenance. By working from home, you must be prepared to face these risks. The plans that you have made, online appointments, or plans to meet deadlines can become messy because of these things.

  • Working more than the allotted time

If your company doesn't give you a definite timeline for when you start and finish your work each day, don't be in a rush to rejoice. Sitting in front of a laptop all day, busy working until you don't realize that the working time that should have been 8 hours has increased to 10 hours, especially if you enjoy your work.

If you are in the office, you already have certain times. At this time to go to work, take a break at that time, then come home at that time. And on weekends, the office does not work.

By working from home, those times become non-existent. Of course, you have to be smart about dividing your time between work and your personal life.

Advantages of Working Remotely

  • Work can be done in various places

Working from home means you have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. Not only that, you can also travel to various regions while still working. The most important thing in working remotely is having internet access. If your country is a tropical country and you want to feel the thrill of working in winter, you can travel to a four seasons country and do your work from there. There are no geographic restrictions if you work remotely.

  • Save money and time spent on trips to the office

What worker doesn't dream of extra hours of sleep? The time you usually spend to go to the office can be your extra hours of sleep if you work from home. The trip to the office takes a long time, it can even take 2 to 3 hours even if your office is not so far from home. The reason is that before starting the trip to the office, you certainly have to get ready, take a shower, have breakfast, iron clothes, dress up, and these activities if accumulated will take a long time.

In addition, by not having to travel to the office, you save on expenses that you spend on the trip, such as public transportation costs, online motorcycle taxi fares, or gas money.

As commented by Gulnara, website administrator at who is from Samara, Russia, working remotely is a very convenient option for her, because she can work whenever she feels comfortable. Gulnara added that she didn't need to get ready in the morning, get dressed, and spend time commuting on the streets. And for her who has a small child, working from home is very convenient, because sometimes her child can get sick and not go to kindergarten. In such a situation, she does not have to choose between children or work, because while working, she can also take care of her children.

  • Flexible work schedule

Often, remote workers have flexible working hours. The working hours remain the same, which is 8 hours, but can be done at any time as desired, the most important thing is being able to complete tasks properly and in a timely manner.

At, that is also practiced. Its employees at the desired timeframe. But they know each other, who works at what time. No one suddenly disappeared from the radar, and all was well. Even employees who come from various countries with quite far time zone differences, up to 5 hours, can still work together to complete their work well.

  • Jobs offered are very broad

If you are a person who lives in a small town, then this is very influential. Because usually, in small cities the variety of jobs offered is not much. By working remotely, you can have many options for working according to your specialty. The internet has removed geographical boundaries and given you wider opportunities to find the job you want.

What about salary? No problem, because the salary can be sent to your account. Even if you live in a different country from where your company comes from, there are many services like PayPal, Payoneer, that will help you solve the problem.

Like in, workers from different countries get their salaries through a money transfer service abroad from company accounts.

Yulan, a content manager at who hails from a small island in Borneo, says that working remotely is a boon for him. Because on a small island, the jobs offered are very limited and almost on average not in accordance with their specialization. By working remotely at a company originating from the Land of the Red Bear, Yulan is still able to work well even though she and the company she works for are more than 8,000 kilometers apart.

  • There are no age and social status restrictions

Working remotely via the internet can be done by various people: starting from students, a pregnant mother, and anyone who needs a job and has the skills according to the requirements. Age is not important for the boss, if anyone can finish the job well. Therefore, by working remotely, you are judged based on your professionalism, based on the results you get while working, not on your age or social status.

  • Working from home means getting closer to fun things

If you feel hungry, you can bring your food to the front of the laptop and continue with your work. If you suddenly feel bored, you can work while listening to music. And if there are things that make you feel stressed, you can take a break and play with your pet. Even during your afternoon break, you can choose to take a short 30-minute nap and wake up refreshed. Resuming work after a comfortable nap is sure to be a lot of fun.

  • No uniform

This is one of the most enjoyable factors of working remotely. Comfortable pajamas can never be replaced with a nice suit or a beautiful office blouse. You can go to a cafe or coworking space wearing only a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals. No one will scold you. 

  • Work while maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Have you ever experienced, when you are on a diet, but at the office there is a co-worker's birthday celebration, so you can't refuse the cake that is served in front of you? In addition, working in an office means that you will choose any food that is on your radar, even if it is fast food. By working from home, you can manage the food you want to eat and lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • New friends, new acquaintances from all over the world

Working from home can also make you more socially active. Because you meet people from all over the world. But back again to the field of activity carried out by each worker.

Companies whose employees work remotely prioritize a sense of concern for team members, social comfort between employees, and also interaction with each other. It sure is fun, isn't it, getting birthday wishes from coworkers on your messenger?

After seeing the various advantages and disadvantages of working remotely, are you interested in trying to do remote work? But everyone is unique, some people feel that work from home is the best work ever, while others don`t like it so much. So, what about you?

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