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Jio Mobile Recharge Plans in Uttar Pradesh East
Best mobile operators in Uttar Pradesh East are: Jio Reliance, Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, T24.

Most popular Jio Reliance recharge types are: 2G Data, 3G Data, 4G Data, FRC, Full Talktime, ISD, Local, Night, Other, Plan, Roaming, SMS, STD, Top up, Validity.
How do I recharge my Jio plan?
Just follow these simple steps:

Download the MyJio app and sign in. Alternatively, you can login to your account on Look forthe 'Tariff protection' banner in the MyJio app. On, click on the gear/settings icon after loggin in to your account, and then click on 'Tariff protection '. Choose the plan you want and make the payment.
What is the new plan of Jio?
Jio one month plan:

-- Jio Rs 199 plan: Jio has introduced a new Rs 199 plan for its users. The company here has increased the price of the plan as currently the cheapest 1.5GB per day plan for Jio comes at Rs 149 and validity is for 24 days.

-- Jio Rs 249 plan: There are chances that Jio could drop the current Rs 222 plan for this new Rs 249 plan. The Rs 222 plan offered 2 GB data per day for 28 days and the new Rs 249 plan also offers the same benefits.

-- Jio Rs 349 plan: The current Rs 349 All-in-One plan from Jio offers 1.5GB data per day for 70 days. The company has altered the plan and the new plan will offer 3GB data per day for a shorter validity period of 28 days.

Jio two months plan:

-- Jio Rs 399 plan: Jio at Rs 399 will offer 1.5GB data per day along with 2000 IUC minutes and unlimited calls between Jio to Jio for 56 days. Currently, Jio has two plans -- Rs 399 and Rs 398 plans-- that offer 1.5GB data per day for 84 days and 2GB data per day for 70 days respectively. There are 2000 IUC minutes and unlimited Jio to Jio calls under the new Rs 399 plan.

-- Jio Rs 444 plan: This will be a new plan. Jio at Rs 444 will offer 2GB data per day and 2000 IUC minutes for 56 days. Calls from Jio to Jio will be free and unlimited. Currently, there are three more or less similar priced plans from Jio- Rs 449, 448, and Rs 498 plan.

Jio three months plan:

-- Jio Rs 555 plan: Jio at Rs 555 will offer 1.5GB data per day along with 3000 IUC minutes and unlimited calls from Jio to Jio for 84 days.

-- Jio Rs 599 plan: This plan will offer 2GB data per day along with 3000 IUC minutes for 84 days. Calls between Jio to Jio will be unlimited and free.

Jio annual plan:

-- Jio Rs 2,199 plan: Jio under this plan will offer 1.5GB data per day and 12000 IUC minutes for 365 days. This plan could be a replacement for Jio's current offering at Rs 1776 that offers 2GB data per day for 336 days.

Jio affordable plans:

-- Jio Rs 129 plan: You will get 2GB data and 1000 IUC minutes for 28 days with this plan. This data is for the entire validity period.

-- Jio Rs 329 plan: Jio will offer 6GB data and 3000 IUC minutes for an entire validity period of 84 days.

-- Jio Rs 1299 plan: Jio will offer 24GB data and 12000 IUC minutes for a validity period of 365 days.
How do I activate my Jio data booster?
Jio Booster Pack & Offers

At this moment, there are 5 different booster plans being offered by jio. We will take a look at them one by one.

1. Rs 11 plan : This is smallest add on pack which gives 100 MB 4G data. It's advisable to activate the plan only when you need to download any small file urgently or want to call someone.
2. Rs 51 plan : It's always recommended to go with 51 rs plan instead of above described 11 rs plan. Here you get 1 GB net which is sufficient to enjoy YouTube streaming, downloading big files & listening to the music online.
3. Rs 91 plan : still want more data? Then look no further and simply activate this 91 rs pack.
Under this tariff user will get 2GB of high speed data and it will have the validity of your existing jio plan.
4. Rs 201 plan : since jio gives 5GB internet under this tariff, the effective cost per GB falls to just 40 rs. So while making the decision, do consider the 51 rs plan also as there's just 11 rs difference per GB between these 2 plans.
5. Rs 301 plan : according to me this plan is best suited for those who browse heavily on internet and watch YouTube rigorously. This plan allots you 10GB data so ultimately 1 GB costs just 30 rs.

How Activate Booster Plans on Jio?

1. Open myjio app and login to your account.
2. Go to balance tab and click on Recharge button.
3. There you will find booster plan menu.
4. Select anyone from the list and make payment to activate it on your number.
What is FuP in Jio?
Off net calls can be used as a strategy where a telecom company rolls out a fair usage policy (FUP), to cap daily usage in their unlimited calling plans. After a limit customers are charged per minute for calls made to a rival's network.